The debate between motorbike scooter and car owners will never stop in terms of answering this question: which one is better, motorbikes or cars? Of course, the staunchest fans of both vehicles will never stop to state that their choice is better. Cars are spacious and may fit for more than 4 persons – perfect for a good trip. But being reliant to only two wheels doesn’t mean motorbike is less cool. Check out below compelling excuses to switch to motorbike if you don’t have one.

5 Luring Reasons Why Motorbike Scooter is Good for You

  1. Say bye to road jam

Motorbike scooter may not be as spacious as cars, and sitting too long may cause aching bottom – but in the other side, it’s more adaptive to traffic jam. With more slender body, what can stop your scooters from beating the traffic?

  1. Cheaper parts

Although not all parts of motorbike scooter are cheaper than cars’ parts, in general, bike’s maintenance and parts costs are far reduced. Also, since bikes are smaller in size, there are fewer parts needed to keep for maintenance, which lead to less money to spend.

  1. Fuel efficient

There is a supporting study about this: an Australian car user uses $71.5 per week merely on fuel. Of course, that’s a lot of money! To cut the budget, getting a motorbike scooter can be the answer. On average, motorbikes will use 3.9 liters of fuel per 100 km; while cars (the most gas-efficient hybrid cars) use at least 4.7 liters for the same distance. Quite significant gap, isn’t it?

  1. More muscles used, more calories to burn

This perk of riding a motorcycle may not be known to many. Compared to cars, you will end up losing calories after the same hours of ride. Movements while riding a motorcycle may not be that visible, but it uses more muscles as you need to stay upright, tilt your body left and right; control your hands and feet, etc.

  1. More fun!

Fresh air to inhale, soothing breeze to enjoy, and warm sun to top it are more fun to get while riding your motorbike scooter. Of course, in rainy days, it can be a bit tricky, but living up the childhood nostalgia never goes wrong.

Holiday is right behind the door, and the best trick to having it spent by riding your motorbike. In case you are looking for your motorbike scooter parts, visiting will help you to make your ride greater.

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