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Specialized Sidecar & Motorcycle Parts

Sidecarmoto.com is the leading and competitive trade company in the world’s marketplaces today, we specialized in sidecar scooters build a state of the art sidecars for your satisfaction & sparepart Of motocylce. Our aim is to build up the trade name and follow the strategy of developing international market for our product.

These facts fully reflect our trade name’s strategy and help our company in exploiting wider market. At the same time, our company gains trust widely from our customers . We understand and listen to your requirements; we built the Scooter Sidecar & Spareparts Motorcycle to meet your needs. Our reconditioned Scooter has been fully tested by our engineer before we ship it out to our customer.

The Sidecar design itself was a result of a number of years on the road test and research to make a better, saver, lighter sidecar and precise spareparts. Our product quality has been put to the test all over the world, and has received warm welcome in more than 10 countries especially in USA and Canada. Another additional point would be that all the work is done on one location which is our workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia. We fully monitor our engineer from the starting of the work like stripping down of the Scooter for recondition-ready and build up the sidecar until the shipment of the unit to the agreed location by the customer.

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